How Can I Support You?

  • I have a UDEMY beginner’s course that you can complete in your own time. Everyone who completes this course receives discounted access to all of my further HC offerings. If you need a discount coupon in order to be able to afford the UDEMY course, please just contact me at
  • I run live online courses and calls on Horizontal Communication.
  • I facilitate an ongoing online mutual support group for people actively working with Horizontal Communication.
  • I offer sessions where I can explain/articulate Horizontal Communication concepts and practices that you or your group may be struggling to grasp.
  • I offer trouble-shooting sessions where we can collaboratively figure out where things might be stuck.
  • I’m open to requests.

You can contact me on email, or by signing up for the relevant reward tier on Patreon.

How Can You Support Me?

You can be a book champion – one of ten people who will help me buy the writing time needed to write up the Horizontal Communication approach into a practical and readable book form.

Horizontal Communication is mutual and values everyone. I need support in order to do this work. Donations make it possible for me to complete the current Horizontal Communication book-in-progress as well as develop content for an app designed to take Horizontal Communication to scale.

You can make a one-time donation through PayPal, or pledge a monthly support amount here at my Patreon page.

You can also support me by pointing out errors, and helping me expand my point of view.

I won’t always have enough time to engage directly with all feedback, but all feedback is appreciated.