Covid-19 and Being at Peace With Each Other

So, this conversation keep cropping up in different places, with different details.

Person A is terrified of the ‘deadliness’ of the virus and can’t understand how irresponsible Person B is being.

Person B is sick of the ‘paranoia’ and can’t understand how Person A can impose such control on life that it isn’t worth surviving.

Horizontal thought experiment: What if Person A intuitively knows they will die if they go out? What if Person B intuitively knows they will not even get sick? What if this is absolute fact and both of them are completely right?

Horizontal insight:

It’s not about getting everyone to agree.

It’s about finding creative ways to live our truths, together.

Isn’t this the shift we need for our whole world and way of being?

Politics, economics, education, medicine, everything….

Instead of doing battle to decide who gets to decide, what if we learn how to creatively live our truths, together?

What better time to figure it out…

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